Re-introducing psychedelics into society.

It is obvious. For everyone. For everybody.
We are experiencing new times and new challenges right now. 
In terms of mental health and mental wellness. Covid has made an already severe mental health crisis three times worse than before. 

We need to look into new solutions to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, Post-Covid-exhaustion and much more. We need to look into new solutions to re-charge, re-define ourselves, re-define who we are as human beings. More than ever. 

We believe the safe, vetted and legal use of psychedelic assisted therapy and experiences are tools for the 21st century to look into these new topics.


A number of psychedelic substances are just being scientifically researched on a global basis and rediscovered as medicine and tools again. We are talking Psilocybin, Ketamine, LSD and DMT.


  • You need safe, legal, vetted and supervised retreat centers and clinics to explore the potential of psychedelics. 
  • You need precise and science based information about these powerful substances
  • You need an experienced and vetted team on your psychedelic journey
  • You need a guide for all these questions arising from your trip

The New Health Club is here to inform and support.

The New Health Club Show talks to thought leaders, innovators and disruptors from the new world of psychedelics. We help you to learn about everything important, from microdosing to psychedelic retreats. We believe in its benefits of health, lifestyle, and wellness optimization with the support of psychedelics – if it’s done right.

Anne Portrait

Anne Philippi

Founder and ceo

Anne Philippi was a successful journalist, with a strong background in established media, journalism and communication. She published books, worked for Condé Nast, was a Vanity Fair reporter in Berlin and for GQ in Los Angeles, she wrote for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about tech and California.

In 2019 she founded The New Health Club podcast and newsletter, and created a space where CEOs, founders, investors, scientist and therapists from the new psychedelic ecosystem and business could talk abut the disruptive power of psychedelics, about new markets, compounds and psychedelic medicine.

In 2021, Anne made it into's list of the 100 most influential people in psychedelics. PLUS: She is passionate reintroducing psychedelics into society. With her podcast and many activities to come.

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