52 - Dr. Jeremy Weate - Is Ibogaine the “grandaddy” of psychedelics ?

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Hi everyone, we hope you are doing good! We are getting excited and I think we have some news for you...

Last week I took part in the Ibogaine Conference from Microdose

and it was incredible to see, how the African root is becoming a more and more important topic, plus a serious tool to treat heroin, alcohol, and the current opioid addiction. Universal Ibogaine, one of the leading companies in the field, presented their approach and it was great fun to be on the panel with Shayne Nyquvest, Chairman, Founder & Director.

What is Universal Ibogaine?

Universal Ibogaine is a Vancouver-based company that aims to build a global network of holistic ibogaine-assisted addiction treatment clinics, operating under the brand Clear Sky Recovery, utilizing a proprietary Ibogaine-assisted psychotherapy treatment protocol. The treatment protocol has successfully disrupted opioid addiction for over 3,500 people and delivers up to 95% successful detox. The IPO of Universal Ibogaine is coming soon, btw.

So now let’s meet Jeremy Weate, my “ibogaine” guest!

I am happy to have Jeremy Weate, board member of Universal Ibogaine, as my guest on the show. He spent 15 years working as a consultant on natural resource governance, providing advice to governments, companies, and civil society organizations in over 20 countries.

Jeremy also has a decade-long interest in the medicalization of ibogaine in a holistic treatment setting. He visited Gabon in 2016 and was initiated into Bwiti.

What is Bwiti?

Bwiti is a spiritual discipline of the forest-dwelling Punu people and Mitsogo peoples of Gabon (where it is recognized as one of three official religions) and by the Fang people of Gabon and Cameroon. Modern Bwiti incorporates animism, ancestor worship, and Christianity into a syncretistic belief system.  Bwiti practitioners use the psychedelic, dissociative root bark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant, specially cultivated for the religion, to promote radical spiritual growth, to stabilize community and family structure, to meet religious requirements, and to resolve pathological problems. The root bark has been consumed for hundreds of years in a Bwiti rite of passage ceremony, as well as in initiation rites and acts of healing. The experience yields complex visions and insights anticipated to be valuable to the initiate and the chapel.

In 2018, Jeremy helped to set up Tabula Rasa Retreat in Portugal, now one of the leading ibogaine treatment facilities in the world. He has organized ibogaine conferences in Vienna, Porto, and London. He has a Ph.D. in European philosophy from the University of Warwick, UK.

Jeremy and I talk about the face and rules of modern addiction, the coming importance of Ibogaine, and why you can’t keep a good molecule down, which is a British, understated way to say: Ibogaine will become a major player in the new world of psychedelics treatments.

Here you can find Jeremy’s talk on Microdose!