60 - Plant Medicine Law Group - What it takes to be a psychedelic lawyer

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Meet the Plant Medicine Law Group, the first law firm to emerge in the space with the express purpose of serving the psychedelic and cannabis industries.

Partners Adriana Kertzer, Serena Wu, and Hadas Alterman are entering their 8th month with a full roster of corporate and nonprofit clients in both industries. They are here today with the first attorney they added, Allison Hoots, who specializes in religious exemptions for psychedelic use, to reflect on their growth, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to accomplish moving forward. I am a really big fan of the Plant Medicine Law Group since we started to be present in the psychedelic ecosystem at a similar time, and I love the way they look at psychedelics and the renaissance we are just experiencing. Also, they contribute to one of the most important parts of the new psychedelic world: the legal framework.