65 - Palo Santo Fund - How will psychedelic pharma look like?

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This episode's guests are Daniel Goldberg and Tim Schlidt, founders of the Palo Santo fund. The two them an their really impressive team got a big plan for the coming years: investing across the new psychedelic ecosystem and funding a new paradigm in well being. Palo Santo’s diversified investment fund is helping to increase the supply of clinically effective and accessible mental health and addiction treatment solutions needed in today’s world.

Daniel Goldberg began seeing mental health as part of a spectrum and not something that needs to be pathologized. As a founder of Palo Santo and Bridge Investments, Daniel has been actively investing with and supporting inspired entrepreneurs for 20 years. Years ago he saw the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines and has developed a deep network of relationships across the psychedelic research and business communities. His passion for the space is purpose‐driven and science informed. He is thrilled to be a part of Palo Santo’s mission of supporting promising treatments while ensuring widespread access to safe, legal, and effective solutions.

Tim Schlidt brings extensive knowledge investing across life sciences and healthcare services, and has held a lifelong passion for understanding and improving treatments for CNS disorders. He believes psychedelics are poised to shift the paradigm in mental health treatment and his primary mission in co-founding Palo Santo is to invest in companies and solutions that allow for broad access to those most in need of mental health care. Prior to co-founding Palo Santo, Tim covered the life sciences and health care services sectors as a private equity investor at Madison Dearborn Partners and an investment banker at J.P. Morgan and Greenhill.

We talk about Daniels and Tims personal psychedelic experience they had BEFORE the founding of Palo Santo, the shift and the incredible change they saw coming, when a new generation of scientists engaged in psychedelics, about the psychedelic pharma model and what compound is Daniels and Tims favorite and we chat about what will possibly be happening and what I will see, if I would dare to take 5 MEO DMT: but that will happen on the next episode.