66 - Patrick Moher - What you want from a psychedelic conference?

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Meet Patrick Moher, CEO at Microdose Psychedelic Insights and yes, creator of the Wonderland Psychedelic Conference in Miami. Patrick is an entrepreneur working in Psychedelics and Cannabis. He is a passionate and unapologetic environmentalist, founded Ethical Image, co-founded a couple of companies.

I have met Patrick many times last year, mostly on Air Table, where he hosted the Micro Dose conference virtually. With Microdose online, one was able to see, what was happening in the incredible new field and the big names of the psychedelic renaissance all made their appearance.

But now, Wonderland is near, the first big IRL conference in Miami, where most people in the psychedelic world will meet the first time. (Who knows, maybe Wonderland might become the Art Basel Miami for Psychedelics?) The event will certainly be an important meeting of science, capital and entertainment, meaning names like Mike Tyson and Lamar Odom speaking about their personal healing with the support of psychedelic therapy. A new development in the recent entertainment world, that I think is becoming very interesting, helping to destigmatize the psychedelic topic.