74 - Robert Bent - Just a psychedelic trip won’t change anyone.

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Robert Bent works with the VC fund Vine Ventures and is co-founder and CEO at Othership, a global community to improve mental health in an accessible way. Othership combines beautiful social spaces that deliver peak experiences and a mobile app that teaches breathwork. Prior to Othership, Robbert was Ecosystem Growth Lead at the Ethereum Foundation. He graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business.
Roberts  story is a modern one. By late 2013, after being super successful, Robert hit rock bottom. He felt burnt out, low, tired from his career in finance, was struggling with a substance abuse problem. He escaped to Israel, tried a ten day Vipassana retreat, finally went to Peru to try Ayahuasca.F rom here, Robert's life changed: he engaged in breath work practices, joined Vine Ventures and co-founded “Othership".

Roberts vision, as he says,” is to create space that encourages openness to the awe, belonging, and interconnectivity that animates the human experience for a more joy-filled life and living.” He is building a platform that includes physical spaces, a mobile app, a concert tour and a global community.

Robert and I talk about the Othership Community, how to use ice bathing and sauna to keep reflecting on your psychedelic experience, why people stop consuming alcohol once they engaged in psychedelics and how a future life with an integrated idea of psychedelics looks like.