77 - Tobias Silberzahn / McKinsey - "The workplace and mental health 3.0"

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Tobias Silberzahn is a Partner in McKinsey’s Berlin office where he is a member of the Healthcare Practice and the Innovation Practice. McKinsey, called “The Form”, is one of the most famous management consulting groups and supposed to know it all. They charge corporations top dollar to help them run with state-of-the-art efficiency. McKinsey gets called in when things are good or bad to help bosses make difficult decisions. Over the last 13 years with McKinsey, Tobias has served mainly digital health startups, established healthcare companies and ministries of health. He lead McKinsey's global Health Tech Network, a community of >1500 digital health companies. His focus area is healthcare innovation and health-tech business building where he supports clients on R&D, commercialisation and scaling questions, he also hosts the McKinsey MedTech R&D Roundtable, the Pharma Technical Development Forum. Within McKinsey, he co-leads the health & wellbeing programs for employees in Germany and Austria, focused on sleep, nutrition, stress management and fitness. So Tobias needs to look into new mental health tools if it comes to employees, but at one point he might look as McKinsey into psychedelic pharma companies.

Tobias and I talk about the great resignation, the idea of health that Generation Z, Millennials and generation X has developed and the future of a corporate mental health can look like. And, as you can imagine, I try to engage with Tobias in a conversation about how psychedelics will enter a future work space, since all the current corporate companies are really challenged and need to change from within. Lets see, how.