78 - Patrick Cox – About celebrity, trauma and how 5-MeO-DMT saved his life

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Can 5Meo-DMT save your life? And how does an intervention from Elton John feel and look like? Does he know about psychedelics? These are our topics! Designer Patrick Cox, my guest on today's new episode knows,tells his toad story. Patrick had everything. A brilliant career, money, fame and celebrity friends and the shoes he designed were to be seen on every London dance floor, on the Oasis brothers, the whole new cool Britannia and the fashion jet set. But then, at one point, Patricks childhood trauma he experienced with 4 years was knocking on the door.

And Patrick just wanted to kill himself. But then, 5-MeO-DMT aka the toad came his way. "The substance just showed me, what I needed to see." says Patrick.

Patrick and I talk about:

- how alcohol lost it’s so called cool

- why heavy partying and depression are siblings

- how generation X never learned anything about healing

- how trauma, you have experienced so long ago, will catch up with you, even if you have everything you think we should have.