81 - TNHC Panel Talk - What the h... is Psychedelic Leadership?

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What does it actually mean? Does it mean C Level people will engage in psychedelic experiences to look for better leadership practices and transformation?  Does it mean at one point companies can offer psychedelic therapy to their employees? Does it mean we will look into psychedelics for inspiration if it comes to business or creative ideas? Or does it mean we are looking for a new leadership style all together, with the support of psychedelic experiences? Also, could we resolve epigenetic questions? Long standing political conflicts ? Many things to address and I was lucky to have a pretty good panel at Soho House to reflect on all these questions.

In this episode I am joined by

Jörg Reinboldt, MD at APX Axel Springer Porsche, entrepreneur, investor

Dr. Gesa Miczaika, General Partner at Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund

PhD Dmitrij Achelrod, Helping leaders thrive at Evolute Institute.

Achim Feige,.Co -Founder of Vertical Development, Transformation Architect I Human Potential Coach.