82 - Cindy Gallop - “I describe myself as boringly drug resistant. Then I took magic truffles…”

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My guest today is Cindy Gallop or Lucinda Lee Gallop. And she is quite something!

I wanted to have Cindy on the show, because she engaged on a psychedelic journey (with 62) not because of mental health reasons. 

She embarked on a truffle journey, just out of very simple curiosity. And lust for life. And resetting perspectives. 

To me Cindy’s case also has an element for future ideas around longevity: what happens, if we keep our brain young? And how will this affect our body? 

Cindy says about herself to be “boringly drug resistant” but after her experience , things, aka her life changed. Cindy says. “ What it did just reinforce for me was a sense of history and the broadness of humanity. And the importance in the future, looking into the void, of finding light and connections.”