84 – Lauren Taus – Why Ketamine is fascinating

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Lauren Taus has become quite a name in the psychedelic world. She is based in Los Angeles and is a licensed psychotherapist practicing Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in Los Angeles, California. She integrates modern science and ancient wisdom to support personal transformation and much needed systemic change. She started “Inbodied Life” as a private psychotherapy practice, and it blossomed into a group practice that is also a platform for education through in-person, experiential trainings and retreats. Lauren sits also on the advisory board of Journey Clinical, an amazing psychedelic company based in NYC.

To me, Lauren is one of the most interesting and also important people in the new psychedelic space. Her social media language is really speaking to me, since she has a great way to really get into the important questions around psychedelics: how does change actually look like? On a daily basis ? Why do we all need TO, which means “time out” and how psychedelics can support us with that. We address Laurens way from anorexia to healing and her way through the 12 steps program, we talk about her about her acid trip with her dad, a doctor, who now works with her And how it works, if your family is starting to look into psychedelics too. And of course we talk about how a psychedelic journey can bring fun to our lives. Something I feel we should also talk about more often and with Lauren this is possible.