85 – Why do AI and Psychedelics love each other?

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This is one of the nerdiest episode at the TNHC so far, but also one that’s really necessary right now. In this episode I am talking about AI and Psychedelics with the amazing AI expert Nicole Büttner, Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum. Merantix believes that to unlock the profound potentials of AI, a collaborative approach is needed. My second guest is the great Sergio Pérez Rosal, MD, part of the MIND Fundation and the CEO and Medical Director at OVID Clinics in Berlin, an established clinic in Berlin that works with Ketamine. What is the connection between psychedelics and AI? Is there one? It seems pretty much so. “Sam Altman, chief executive of OpenAI, is chairman of a start-up (Journey Colab) that aims to tap into the promise that psychedelic drugs have shown in clinical trials — and make them broadly available for people who suffer from mental health and drug-use disorders. The man bringing artificial intelligence to the masses through the viral chatbot ChatGPT wants to revolutionise mental health care and addiction treatment with psychedelic drugs”. writes The Washington Post.There are more things to address which I did with my great panel happening at Soho House Berlin a few weeks ago. So the three of us talk about if we need psychedelics to understand AI. And if AI will be a really productive drug developer ? And there is more: Can AI give you a spiritual experience? And will we need additional dimensions and tools to understand out future all together ? God, there are so many questions.