86 – Finn Age Hänsel – Why we should stop using the word drugs.

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This episode is in German, and there are reasons why. Since my guest today is Finn Age Hänsel, founder of Sanity Group, I thought it was time to give an update in german, what actually has happened and maybe will be happing in a near decriminalised cannabis and psychedelic future. Finn and I talk about how cannabis could treat ADHD in grown ups and I am very grateful that Finn is sharing his own story here. We talk about why are Germans terrified of substances and compounds and why we should stop using the word DRUGS all together. We also talk about why every Cannabis and Psychedelic company has the duty to help destigmatizing cannabis and psychedelics Finn himself is a German consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Berliner Berg brewery and Sanity Group, the former CEO of the moving company Movinga. He is also a member of the federal board of the Bundesverband Deutscher Start-ups e.V. Finn was born in Flensburg, he founded his first company at the age of 17 with an online store for secondhand sportswear He joined the Junge Union and after graduating from high school in 2001, received a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which he used to study business administration at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. In 2010, Hänsel founded the online retailer The Iconic. He also took on the position of Marketing Director at the investment company Rocket Internet in Australia the following year. After returning to germany, Finn worked for high end accelerators and consulting companies. Since 2002 Finn had campaigned for the decriminalization of cannabis as a member of Junge Union. After cannabis and cannabinoids were approved as medicinal products in Germany, Hänsel entered the distribution of medical cannabis. In 2018, he and Fabian Friede founded Sanity Group, which supplies pharmacies and drugstores with cannabidiol products. Two years later, the company joined forces with Aphria and Cannacare to launch the industry association Pro CBD, which they use to raise awareness about cannabis. And yes, Snoop Dog is one of his investors!