88 – Bien Health – The Post Anxiety Revolution

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We are finally back! Today I talk to Suzanne Khan and Alice Policand, founders of Bien Health, Suzanne is a biochemist engineer who worked for L’Oreal, Alice is a luxury marketing specialist who worked for LVMH. But then they met and decided to build a great looking micro dosing brand from Paris. To me their brand was one of the first psychedelic brands that look really chic, I could see it carrying around in my handbag.It feels "normal" to carry truffles round that way. Will this be our future? Will we experience a post anxiety revolution?

We talk about a growing community of micro dosing fans, why people are actually looking into it, how a psychedelic brand can and should look like these days and we talk about Alice and Suzanne's personal journeys, and how a scientist and a fashion and luxury expert got the world of psychedelics. And yes, we met in Paris and had the best eclair ever.