89 – Sherry Rais & Enthea – Psychedelics in the workplace and healing on the job

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Just imagine, you are running a company. And you would like to offer a better mental health care for your employees, maybe psychedelic therapy? Sounds crazy? It is not. It is it already working. In the coming years, companies will have to change to supoort their employees differently. I finally have Sherry Rais on the show, a fascinating founder and CEO of Enthea.

A company that provides access to safe and affordable psychedelic therapy for everyone who can benefit. Established in 2022, Enthea is a mental health company dedicated to providing access to safe and affordable psychedelic-assisted therapy, beginning with ketamine therapy. As a public benefit corporation, we are prioritizing the removal of health equity obstacles that impede people from receiving impactful mental healthcare services. Sherry Rais, MSc, has helped dozens of startups, non-profit organizations, academic/research institutions, and small businesses raise funds, operate according to their mission and values, and implement processes that enhance their overall efficiency. Sherry believes in living and working in alignment with purpose and is currently focused on expanding access to psychedelic-assisted therapy to alleviate human suffering.

Before this, Sherry consulted for over 10 years with the United Nations and World Bank, implementing cash transfer programs at the national level in over 35 countries. Sherry holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and International Development from McGill University. She also completed the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research from CIIS in 2021. In addition to being Enthea's CEO, she is the Executive Director of the Boston Psychedelic Research Group and the Grants Manager for CIIS.

We talk about, why poverty is trauma related, why offering healing as a founder and a company owner be important and why new tools and psychedelic “incentives” are here, how this works compliance and data wise, why we won’t be able to live without new healing modalities and an idea of new health, on the job and at home.