90 – Sandra Statz & A.P. Chem – About psychedelic skincare and destigmatizing with a brand

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Today I talk to Sandra Statz, Founder and CEO of A.P Chem. Sandra is Beauty executive. Chronic pain navigator. Mother. Sandra is a business leader and brand creator with more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry working with brands including La Mer, Guerlain and Clinique. She’s also a ketamine advocate – an educator and confidant for those exploring psychedelic treatment. She is also a member of the board for The Ketamine Fund and KetaMD. A.P Chem's mission is inspired by her journey following a life-changing medical diagnosis that led to her discovery of psychedelic treatment.

The goal here is to break down taboos, destigmatize health conditions and illuminate options. A.P Chem creates a safe space to explore and share varying points of views while respecting everyone’s path to wellness is unique and deeply personal.

We talk about a psychedelic brand, how Sandra’s skin care can raise awareness for psychedelics and how working with adaptogenes in your skin care is amazing for you skin, we address Sandra's healing journey with Ketamine and how the future of psychedelic brand building can look like.