93 - Guy Simon & Demian Halperin from Safe Heart - Trauma and alterd states of consciousness

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This episode was not very easy to do. It was a difficult conversation. Very open, very vulnerable, but it was a conversation I wanted to have with a the Safe Heart foundation- A Professional support for the survivors of the music festivals on October 7th in Israel. We decided to keep this episode as little political as possible. So we would be able to take about what happened on and after the rave with the people attending the rave, where the got attacked and how their trauma played out in the aftermath of the event. Safe Heart is a mental health organization bringing together a professional network of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychotherapists and qualified clinical instructors, all of whom have experience working with severe traumatic experiences and in the field of psychedelic harm reduction and integration.

I am talking to Dr. Demian Halperin Head of psychiatric support MD, Board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist. And to Guy Simon, Board Member, Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Committee M.A, M.S.W, PhD(c), Psychotherapist with expertise in trauma. Clinical Director at Impulse. Specializes in relational psychoanalysis and Buddhist psychology.

We talk about how to work around a special traumatising experience of the people being attacked while partying, while being on a psychedelic substance. We talk about how the whole experience of October 7th can influence everyone on a global level and what this could mean for a treating trauma with psychedelics. I am very proud of this conversation, we managed to stay informative, yet being able to voice pain, trauma and the effect the event had on the jewish community.

If you know someone who could use help after the events, please get in touch here.