80 - Dr. Molly Maloof - Love, Sex & Psychedelics

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Molly Maloof is one of the first people I read about, in terms of the new psychedelic space. In 2017 she was featured in a financial times article called “How Silicon Valley rediscovered LSD. A new generation of San Franciscans believes the drug makes them more creative”

Molly is one of the people in the psychedelic space, who marries science, medicine and psychedelics. Working on future topics in psychedelics, he has a pretty impressive track record of engagements in the new health space.

Molly is the Founder & CEO, Adamo Bioscience, working on biological, psychological, psychedelic, and technological solutions to become the foremost scientific company perpetuating the power of love.

She was a lecturer at Stanford University, taught the course “Live Better Longer: Enhancing Healthspan for Longer Lifespan” within the Wellness Department of the School of Medicine. (She received the highest student ratings in the department)

She is the founder of, a modern health and wellness media brand that inspires, educates, and motivates people to make the right lifestyle choices so they can actualize their potential.

She is the medical advisor: for Neurohacker, Drugs over Dinner, Osmind etc.

Now, Molly has just released her new book “The Spark Factor”.

“A breakthrough program for women to revive their lost energy and vitality, developed by a leading biohacker and physician“. In her book, Molly talks about the spark we are all looking for on a daily basis.

With cutting-edge biohacking insights, strategies for personalized nutrition, hormonal health and stress management, The Spark Factor is the book women have been waiting for to help them reclaim their vitality and achieve lasting health.

Molly and I talk about

  • supplement overkill and pill fatigue
  • the redefinition of stress and health
  • the possibility to address sexual trauma with the support of psychedelics
  • sexual psychedelic therapy for the masses, the limitations of classic couples therapy and why we share so many phantasies around love drugs and love potions.