This week in Psychedelics – Jan 14, 2022

This week in Psychedelics – Jan 14, 2022
Laurin Angermeier
Laurin Angermeier
February 11, 2022

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The week in the world of psychedelics and therapy

Psilocybin seems to have no harmful side effects at doses commonly used today

Where psilcybin therapy is being researched or already offered, single doses of either 10 mg or 25 mg are common for one session. A study from King's College London has now investigated whether the substance has any harmful long-term effects or side effects at either of these doses. The clear result is no. Eighty-nine healthy adults who had not ingested psilocybin for at least the twelve months prior to the study were treated. None of the 60 people in the experimental group were found to have harmful consequences. "This is the largest ever randomized controlled trial with psilocybin published in a peer-reviewed journal," says study leader James Rucker.

A good Overview of 2021 psilocybin studies

The study on side effects was only one of many, go to this page  for an informative compilation of studies from the past year. Also included: info-graphics on the results and methods of the - certainly especially important - MAPS studies.

What role will VR play in psychdelic therapy?

Every now and then, there is discussion about whether virtual reality, as experienced through goggles such as HTV Vive or Sony VR, can provide something similar to a psychedelic experience. This would be interesting at least for those who are currently not allowed to take corresponding substances, such as people who have ever experienced a schizophrenic episode. A well-done review article summarizes the debate and comes to the astonishing conclusion: a VR experience can be just as impressive, but also just as risky as a real trip.

Ketamine and alcohol abuse: study results are encouraging

Canadian biotech company AWAKN Life Sciences has released initial results from its Phase II a/b study of ketamine treatment for alcohol addicts. It says 86 percent of treated participants were still abstinent six months after brief therapy. Initial details here; the full study report has not yet been published.

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This week in Psychedelics – Jan 7, 2022

A new initiative was formed this week, the International Therapeutic Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative. The group, which includes the Beckley Foundation, MAPS and Mind Medicine Australia, wants to advocate for the political reassessment of psilocybin.

This week in Psychedelics – Dec 30, 2021

We have a special Offer at the beginning of the year. And it’s a good time to acknowledge the great success of the Decrim movements. Also, find links to the most important articles with some basic and important questions.