Mind Studio®

MIND STUDIO is a very cool brand from Denmark and looks like straight out of NOMA. Here is the special code for The New Health Club guys to get the Ultimate Ritual Pack.

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Mind Studio Ritual Pack

Mind Studio Ritual Pack

The Mind Studio Ritual Pack is a premium selection of our four powerful functional mushrooms combined, meant to be taken as a combination throughout your day.

  • Rise with Chaga & Shiitake in the morning.
  • Flow with Lion's Mane during your day.
  • Rest with Reishi in your evening time.

Mind Studio offers superior functional mushroom with up to twice the potency of traditional mushroom extracts.

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A.P. Chem

A.P.Chem îs pretty special brand from NYC. Opening minds to psychedelic medicine for mental and physical wellness.Advanced Chemistry for Age Decelaration Curated combinations of the classics with proven Alt-Pharma™ ingredients.

Here is our Christmas Present for you !
Use the code “newhealth15" to get 15% off these great skincare products!
Also Sandra Statz, the founder is on this weeks new podcast!

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London Nootropics

Love coffee, but don’t want to crash? Hard? Try mushroom coffee by London Nootropics.

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London Nootropics Adaptogenic Coffee

Adaptogenic Coffee

Adaptongenic and elevating. For thousands of years humans have been using plants, mushrooms and other natural substances to enhance their body & mind. Discover our adaptogenic coffee blends, blended with the highest-quality natural adaptogens to help you flow through your day.

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